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In 2006 was my first contact with Grand Prix Legends. In the last years I had a lot of fun with other people in gpl online races.
The most races I have driven in EOLC.
In the last years I got a second hobby: computer programming. Over the years I've made some tools and a special MOD for gpl.
In case someone has any interest: Here are my entire works:

GPL Best Lap

GPL Best Lap ist a statistic tool. It creates a html file with coloured lap- and sectortimes, the development of race and much more.

GPL Protest/GPL ShiftR

GPL_Protest is watches replays for collisions.
GPL_ShiftR is watches replays for ShiftRs.


GPL_Tel ist an extensive telemetrytool. It draws things which aren't saved the replay
like throttle, brake, couple, wheelspin, tire temps, and so on.


Pitstop71(dg) adds tire wear, dirt effect, pitstops for repairing and changing tires with waiting time and - if you want - changeable brake ballance during driving to gpl.
Pitstop71(dg) tries to bridge the gap between mode INT (ShiftR nearly without consequences) and mode PRO (killing the race for many participants without mercy):
ShiftR with more consequences in mode INT and the chance to repair if you can bring the car to your pit in mode PRO.
If you are not sure what will be the advantages of the pitstop71(dirtgearpatch) read this!

Ontrack Patch

Ontrack Patch penalyzes corner cutting. Offtrack laps gets a 10s punishment.
So at most tracks Offtrack laps will be ignored for qualification result and starting formatation.

All tools are working with 36fps und 60fps. Pitstop71(dg) is patching GPL to 60fps selfmade,
but you can use it with 36fps too.